The  diocese council for 2016 was held in Barisal on 17 June 2017. The theme for the council was “I am the vine you are the branches”. The chairperson of Dhaka diocese Rt. Rev Paul S Sarkar shared in his elocution “We need to work together with unity, love and fellowship so that we will stay connected with the vine (Christ)”.

Dr. James Tejosh Das, Synod Secretary of COB was present in the council as a guest. He conveyed in his greetings,“In order to pass on the God given responsibility to our next generation as legacy we need to work together with one mind and spirit”.

Various departments of the diocese presented their annual reports. It is worth mentioning that this was the last council for Dhaka diocese with Jobarpar and Khulna deaneries as henceforth, these two deaneries are part of Barisal Diocese.