The first council of Barisal diocese was held in the presence of 33 councilors under the chairmanship of Honorable Bishop Shourabh Pholia at Oxford mission Barisal on the 17th June 2017. The Honorable Moderator of the Church of Bangladesh and Bishop of Dhaka was present as the chief guest at the council. Besides the priests of Barisal diocese 25 councilors were present at the council.

First council session started with the welcome speech of the new Bishop of Barisal Diocese, Rt. Rev. Shourabh Pholia.  “This beautiful journey of Barisal Diocese started on God’s blessings. This journey is Christ-centered so the victory is sure”, he said, “Each of us has an active role to play in the church. We all needs to support this diocese in its progress by abiding with Christ”.

The Moderator in his greetings shared that in 2009, the decision was made to form Barisal diocese and on 12 February 2012 the foundation stone was laid by the Bishop of Llandaff diocese and The Arch Bishop of Church of Wales Rt. Rev. Barry Morgan. The Moderator also expressed his heartfelt gratitude to all those people who dreamt the need of Barisal Diocese.

Dr. James Tejosh Das, Synod Secretary of CoB, Sister Jharna, Superior, CSS and Father Francis SPB conveyed their greetings along with the Bishops.

The diocesan council was concluded with the formation of new Diocesan executive body consisting of 12 members.