To bring women to Jesus Christ and membership in His family, to guide them towards Christ like maturity, to equip them for ministry in the church of Bangladesh and its life and mission in the world, in order to magnify God’s name.



  • to promote cooperation and Christian life, witness and service in the women
  • to manifestation of Jesus model in their personal, family and practical life
  • to raise prayer life, bible study and use the time, virtue and good behavior
  • to promote women participation in the women’s fellowship



  • Prayer meeting once a week in the church or family
  • family visit & prayer and counseling
  • patient visit and prayer
  • celebrate international women day
  • Advent prayer
  • Retreat of Lent
  • Church service twice in a year
  • deanery based seminar on present issues
  • Diocese based seminar once a year
  • Synod based seminar in two years
  • Leadership Training for women