Capacity building of the priests, Church of Bangladesh

At the end of 8th Synod Council of Church of Bangladesh, Moderator Rt. Rev. Paul S. Sarker, Deputy Moderator, Rt. Rev. Samuel S. Mankhin and Dr. Lesley Morgan, PCUSA distributed 28 Laptops to the Priests of the Church of Bangladesh. These were donated by the First Presbyterian Church, PCUSA with an aim to build capacity of the priests of the Church of Bangladesh. We are now going through Digital era. Information access and communication have become quicker and essential, and therefore our priests should also have that access to communicate faster and expand their knowledge base and disseminate the learning to others as necessary.

Receiving the laptops the priests have become very happy and they thanked PCUSA for that support. On behalf of the Church of Bangladesh we also thank PCUSA for the assistance.