St. Thomas’ Community School

This school is mainly for the children of the poor families of Old Dhaka. Their mothers go for domestic work for earning leaving their children at home alone almost all the day with nobody to care for them. They did not have an opportunity to attend school. They were neglected and insecure as they moved around the streets. Bishop B.D. Mondal took initiative and started a day care centre for them on the veranda of the Cathedral. He started an education programme from pre-school to standard class two. Now the number of students has increased. Most of the children come from Hindu and Muslim faith communities. 

Community School Medium

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From its beginning CMS-Switzerland has been supporting the school. From this school approximately 2000 have been benefited and many are now working in various places around Bangladesh. The mothers are very grateful to CoB for their initiative to provide education for their children. CoB appreciates the support of Mrs. Antonity and others through CMS-Switzerland. Much prayer and support is needed to continue this good work. Now, Mrs Janet Sarker, Dhaka Diocesan Coordinator supervises the school.