Church of Bangladesh is on the site to assist the victims

The Church of Bangladesh has taken the move to assist the rescue team in their efforts to save the lives trapped under the wreckage of the collapsed multi-storey building at Savar, Dhaka.The Church has provided water bottles, masks, air fresheners and high-protein biscuits which were among the urgent requirements for the rescue teams and the victims. At this stage of recovery the supports are emphasised for oxygen canes, light tents, materials for taking care of the corpses such as thin plastic sheets, cloths, and assisting poor in carrying the bodies to home. Bishop Paul, Moderator of Church of Bangladesh is determined to continue the support as far as the Church can and is requesting others to come forward to assist in the crisis.
The death toll from the Savar building collapse has reached 361 as rescue workers recovered 17 more bodies from beneath the rubble of the nine-storey building on Sunday. Total 2,436 people trapped inside the collapsed building have been rescued so far.

Frantic efforts are continuing to rescue survivors, if any, from inside the collapsed building in Savar.

The important thing to realise is that the conditions were life-threatening both for the victims as well as those on rescue mission, although in varying degrees. It took a lot of brawn, brain, courage and presence of mind to work out split second solutions to get the living and dead out of the piles of rubble. Those who donated blood in large numbers deserve a word of thanks.

They all are achieving a mission impossible shoulder to shoulder with the army, navy, air force, police, RAB, BGB and civil defence personnel on whom we depend for the major part of the undertaking. Their call to duty is hardly over, though.

Rana Plaza, the nine-storey building housing half a dozen readymade garment factories on its top floors, caved in on Wednesday after factory owners forced several thousand workers to come to work despite the cracks developed in its pillars the previous day.