Church of Bangladesh Partners’ Consultation Held

The second day :  Discussion and Outcome

2nd dayThe second day session was chaired and inaugurated by Modertor Paul S. Sarker with a welcome address. The address focused on the major present crisis of the world in development and highlighted the causes of that and focused on the way towards the solution. He expressed his hope that stronger partnership would play an effective role to address all the challenges to build a better sustained world for the humankind.

The theme papers on `Building a New Society: Challenging of Empowering the Deprived’ was presented defining first the features of the new society and later discussed the poverty situation of Bangladesh, empowering process, the challenges in empowering process, approaches being confined to faith and rights based approaches and finally ended with a conclusion.

The paper raised a strong debate over the dichotomy between faith and right based approaches. The theological scholars attended the consultation found no dichotomy between the two. But the lay people differed in that, and they though there is diffidence between the two particularly in the understanding of many development partners and the institutions. The paper, in terms of basic elements of empowerment of the people, emphasized on people’s participation at all levels of development initiatives.

Status of the Organization Improvement Process

OrganisationAfter the presentation of theme paper, a detailed follow-up report on Last evaluation & progress of organization development and reconstruction process presented in the consultation meeting by Mr. Thomas M Das, Director, CBSDP.

To mention challenges he highlighted some process issues in reporting that are unnecessarily clumsy, bifurcated and it delays the overall process of project implementation. The report concluded with an urge to form a consortium of partners for assisting CBSDP in implementing its upcoming strategic plan in a more coordinated manner.

The long-term (2013 -2018) strategic plan of CBSDP which is in the process to be completed by December 2012 was presented in the meeting. The plan has included six thematic areas to intervene, these are: Food and Livelihood Security, Community Health and Hygiene, Education, Rights and Social Security, Securing and Promoting Ethnic Culture, and Climate Change and Disaster Risks Management.

Upon elaborate group discussion, the partners of CBSDP agreed to form a consortium to assist in implementing the development plan of CBSDP. It was further decided that Bread for the World would take the lead to form the consortium for CBSDP.

Partner representatives attended the consultation meeting include, ICCO & Kerk in Actie, PCN The Netherland/New Delhi; USPG, UK; Methodist Church, UK; Church of Scotland; United Churches of Christ, USA; Church in Wales; Church of North India; Anglican Alliance, UK; Mennonite Central Committee, Bangladesh ; Church Mission Society, UK; Tearfund, UK; Bread for the World, Germany; KNH, Germany; Christian Aid, UK.