Appreciation and Gratitude

Convey thanks and gratitude to Rev. Barnard Mankhin

rev.BarnardA meeting was arranged to convey thanks and gratitude to Rev. Barnard Mankhin for its outstanding pastoral and educational service for the period of 47 years. Moderator Rt. Rev. Paul. S Sarker chaired the sesson and Rt. Rev. Michael S Baroi handed over a crest of Honor to Rev. Mankhin while Rt. Rev. Paul S. Sarker honored him outfitting with a Shal. In a discussion Bishop Sarker and Bishop Baroi reflected on the activities and contribution of Rev. Mankhin to the church and the community. Rev. Mankhin in response remembered his cherished days of services among the people of the parish. The council members of Dhaka Diocese were present on that occasion to mark the day.