Philip Church in Dhandoba re-consecrated

On 28th February, 2016 at 7.30 a.m. the Moderator of Church of Bangladesh and Bishop Paul S Sarker blessed the new Church building in Dhandoba. The bishop accompanying with the elder, Mrs. Komola Karmakar unveiled the cover of memorial stone. Then with some essential ritual the bishop along with the priests guided a procession around the church and entered into the church for worship. Bishop Paul S Sarker administered the service. Almost 300 devotees from different parishes of Jobarpar Deanery were present in the service. After the consecration of the church building a cultural programme was organised on the occasion. After the cultural programme lunch was offered by the local parish.

Tribute to Bishop Mondal on the 40th Anniversary of His Consecration as Bishop

Bishop Mondal gave heartfelt thanks to all who commemorated the special occasion and the Moderator CoB and Bishop of Dhaka of Right Rev’d Paul S. Sarker also spoke and paid tribute and thanked him for his remarkable service to the Church and the community. He also honoured him by presenting him with a crest. A gift was also given as a token of love from the Church of Bangladesh and was presented by Mr. Paul N. Das Director of Christian Ministry to Children and Youth in CoB. Unfortunately, Bishop’s wife Mrs. Christian B. Mondal was not able to attend the event due to ill health. Continue reading “Tribute to Bishop Mondal on the 40th Anniversary of His Consecration as Bishop”

Synod office celebrated Pre-Christmas 2014

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Pre-Christmas was celebrated on 21st December 2014 in central office of ‘Church of Bangladesh’. A total of 70 participants from central office and their family members were present in the ceremony. The party was started with a short worship at 9.00 am at St. Andrews Church. Rev. Mrittunjoy Mondol led the worship. Honorable Moderator Bishop P.S. Sarker gave sermon. He and Mrs. Janet Sarker cut the Christmas cake with the children. After the worship Bishop P S Sarker, Parish Priest Rev. Rev. Mrittunjoy Mondol, Mr. Michael A Roy Director CBSDP, Paul Nisith Das Director CMCY conveyed Christmas Greetings and discussed on some issues concern. Afterward the partakers exchanged gifts to one another. The children enjoyed the time singing, dancing, reciting poems and receiving gifts. A cultural programme was also held. Most of the employees and their family members participated in cultural programme. After the cultural programme Bishop concluded the event blessing all and wishing a prosperous New Year 2015. The Pre-Christmas Party finally ended by a fellowship lunch.

Asian Theological Academy Consultation 2014

The consultation of Asian Academy was held on 2-7 Nov 2014 at COB Retreat and Conference Centre, Savar, Dhaka. Church of Bangladesh hosted this program on behalf of Asian Academy. Theme of the consultation was: “Redefining Mission in Asia”. The speakers on the given theme was: Rev: Dr. Reinzie Perera- Director of ATA, Dr. M P Joseph-Dean of ATA, and Rachel Parry- Us/USPG London. In relation to this theme, there are five issues were discussed such as: Economical Crisis, Ecological Crisis, Interfaith Relation, Women and Church, and Wider Ecumenical Vision and Mission in Asia. There are about 50 participants, resource persons and theologians attended in that consultation of different Churches and Institutions from three continents i.e. Asian, Europe and African countries. Continue reading “Asian Theological Academy Consultation 2014”

World Peace and Human Civilization

The year 2015 started with a national roundtable discussion on “World Peace and Human Civilization” initiated by Inter Religion Harmony Society (IRHS) of Bangladesh. It was held at Dhaka Press Club.

Distinguish leaders and representatives from different religions and sectors on 3 January 2015 attended the roundtable discussion and focused on the need to be united irrespective of different faith for restoring peace over the world in order to safeguarding the human civilization. Bishop Paul S Sarker of Church of Bangladesh attended the event as one of the special guests. He discussed the Christian outlook towards the inter-religion relationship and highlighted the necessity of the   interrelation among different faiths to work together for national, regional and global peace and prosperity.

The people attended the roundtable came to a conclusion that the origin and goal of the different faiths is similar – to do good for the humankinds, but we the few people for our vested interest use it wrongly. They reiterated the need of active roles to prohibit that being on a common platform beyond the country with specific joint agenda.

Mr. Michael A. Roy, Asia Facilitator, Anglican Alliance also attended the roundtable discussion with Bishop Paul S. Sarker.

40 Years Celebration Of Church Of Bangladesh

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The grand event begun with the Holy Communion Service in morning and that was followed by a grand rally with banner, festoons and drumbeat led by the representatives of the different deaneries. The representatives were also present from different deaneries in the rally. After the end of the rally the Moderator Rt. Rev P S Sarker and Rt. Rev. Samuel Sunil Mankhin inaugurated the 40 years ceremony by releasing pigeons, balloons, festoons jointly with the chief guest, special guest, Synod secretary Mr. Joseph Sudin Mondol and other guests. Mrs. Janet Sarker and Mrs. Monita Mankhin were also present at the ceremony and graced the occasion. Local priest with his team welcomed the guests singing a song and giving flowers to all. After that Bishop S S Mankhin, Kushtia, Synod secretary Mr. Joseph Sudin Mondol, Diocese Secretary Mr. John Provanjan Chowdhury delivered the welcome speeches stressing the importance of the event. Honorable Bishop Barnabas Dwijen Mondal, Bishop Michael S Baroi, Rev. Aniruddha Dipak Dash General Secretary of NCCB also delivered their valuable speeches highlighting the magnificent events over the past 40 years.

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The Chief Guest Advocate Promod Mankin, MP, Deputy Minister of Social Welfare Department deliverd an encouraging speech. He said, “He bears a strong relationship with Church of Bangladesh since last 40 years. He remembered with deep feelings the Sisters and Saint Mary’s Sister Hood at St. Andrew’s Mission at Haluaghat and their contributions to the society; especially he recalled Sister Usha’s contribution in promoting education and social wellbeing. He also mentioned that, Church of Bangladesh is a small church but the activities in spiritual care and services to the humanity are noteworthy and different from others. He hopes that Church of Bangladesh will prosper day by day and help the poor people in their struggles and challenges.

Afterward, the Moderator provided crest to the chief guest Advocate Promod Mankhin, MP, special guest Rt. Rev. Barnabas Dwijen Mondol and Bishop Michael S Baroi commemorating the occasion and they were also given especial scarf as a symbol of honour.

The other main attraction of the ceremony was cultural programme consisting of songs, dances and role play . The function was facilitated and conducted by Rev. Jonarson Dio and Ms. Christina Karabi Malakar.

Asian Theological Academy Consultation-2014

Consultation was begun with the celebration of Holy Communion on 4th Nov 2014. It was led by Rev John Probhudan Hira, preacher was Rev: Hemen Halder and solemnized by Rt. Rev: Paul S Sarker. Others participated in form of readings, prayers and choir. Participation of diverse linguistic and cultural theologians of different parts of the world and praying in their own mother tongue made this worship really lively and exceptional one. Chef Guest of the inaugural ceremony of this consultation was Bishop Paul S Sarker- Moderator of Church of Bangladesh. Continue reading “Asian Theological Academy Consultation-2014”

Church of Bangladesh Joined the People’s Climate March in Dhaka

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Dhaka, on Saturday. 20th September 2014 at 9.30 amAVAAZ Bangladesh a global civic organization organized a People’s Climate Marchin Dhaka. Many other environmental organizations, Institutions, distinguished personalities and people of all walks of life gathered at Shahbag Chattar and marched to the National Press Club, through a Rally. The Church of Bangladesh actively participated in this Rally and raised their voice for the Justice towards those who are affected for Climate Change all over the world including Bangladesh. It was a rainy day but in spite of rain many have come forward to take part in the Climate March.

The renowned climate change experts and environmentalists spoke at the event. They declared their support for the global mobilization `PEOPLES’ VOICE FOR THE JUSTICE! All the participants and the discussants expressed their solidarity with the global event against the worst impacts of climate change in Bangladesh and the globe.

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 This historical Rally held all over the world to remind the leaders not to forget to do justice for the vulnerable people.

The aim of the 2014 Climate Summit, which will be organized by UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon, will take place in 23rd September 2014 at New York, USA, with the aim to mobilize political will for a universal and a legally-binding comprehensive agreement in 2015.  Here nearly every President and Prime Minister of the World is coming for the Summit to take right decision and to do Justice for the people of this affected world.


CWM Team Visit Leaders Training Program

Council for World Mission Team Visit Leaders Training held in Manchester, UK from 21st August to 28th August 2014. From last year CWM has started a new program to encourage its 31 Church Partners to be a missional, transformative and life affirming community. In this process they will send a Team to a partner church where the Team will visit and learn from them and will go back to their own Churches to share and continue the mission work along with the experiences. Rev. Shourabh Pholia participated in the training from Church of Bangladesh.

Its aim and objectives:

  1.  Benchmark where members are with the development of missional congregations;
  2. Share with each other experiences and different approaches to the development of such transformative, life affirming communities; and
  3. Reflect and cross fertilize the outcome of the visits for the benefit of the whole CWM family.

There were nine leaders from different churches who were invited to have the training named:

Rev. Shourabh Pholia, Rev. Uvenama Rova, Mr. Tanoaleia, Mr. John Adams, Rev. Pua Boon Kit, Ms. Linely Rex Vinyo, Ms. Jennifer Shamu, Mr. Everhardus Olvereem and Rev. Kyung Mi Shim.

The training was lead by Rev. Philip Woods, Programme Secretary for Mission Enabling, Rev. Wayne Hawkins, European Regional Secretary and Anna Farina Pacete-Marundan, Program Associate for Mission Enabling, Council for World Mission.

All the trained Leaders will lead a team of six members to CWM partner church with a team of six members to have experiences and also to learn from them and share them with CWM and their own churches.

Rev. Shourabh Pholia will lead a Team of six members from different countries to Newzeland in November 2014.