Spiritual Revival Gathering

From the 14th-15th February 2014 the 98th congregation gathering of the Jobarpar deanery took place at St. Mary’s Church.  The main theme was ‘For the gate is narrow and the way is hard that leads to life, and those who find it are few.’- Matthew 14:7.   Moderator of COB Bishop Paul S Sarker spoke on the theme. He said, “There are many temptations in life. There are challenges and risks in going along with religion.  Practice of honesty and rightness are largely getting condemned. In this world many things seemed attractive, but eventually these give hardly any fullness in life. Becoming Disciples of Christ, we will have to leave behind or sacrifice all our belongings. There are obstacles in the way of Christ, but very few find that way.” He added, “Many are called, but very few are selected.”Spritual

The most important event of the congregation was prayer for the sick. In this event worshipers from all religions took part. They gave thanks to God for His mercy and kindness received over the last year and put requests and promises before Him for the coming year. Many gave witnesses of the miracles done by God to them. They offered prayers in utter submission and cried out to get recovery from critical diseases. The Bishops, Priests, and senior people of the society placed hands on their heads and prayed for them for the blessings and mercy from God.  
This united congregation has been taken place for the last 100 years during lent time.