The Church of Bangladesh has been involved in caring for and developing opportunities for children for over 100 years.

ministires-education-4Education enables people to increase their earning capacity. Education, particularly of girls, plays a significant role in improving the well-being of whole families. Church of Bangladesh schools are mostly in urban areas of severe deprivation or in rural areas where parents admit their children because they are very poor or they belong to religious or tribal minorities. In the west of the country around Rajshahi, many children come from Shantali families and in the north around Mymensingh, the schools serve many Garo people. We have about 50 schools (pre-primary, primary, junior high and high schools).


Church of Bangladesh has been implementing education Programme since its being with priority for rural poor children those who have hardly any scope of access to government or other private education facilities. Currently Church of Bangladesh education programme is running 45 primary, 2 junior high, and 4 high schools in 6 deaneries and 1 city pastorate with a total of 9,864 students and 341 staffs.



Education to all for fullness of life and society.


To ensure a holistic and quality education in congenial environment of learning and growing with joy and wisdom.