This Programme was started in 2000, because when people become old they become redundant and a burden to their families. Some live in abject poverty and go through a lot of mental and physical pains and sufferings.

The aims of the project are

  • to keep the people healthy, active and productive in their old age.
  • to make  people of all ages aware that they can acknowledge older people as a valuable resource and oppose discrimination because of age.
  • to establish a genuine sense of solidarity among generations (young and old)
  • to enable the elderly people to be active participants in the family as well as in the community.
  • the overall objective is to establish the importance of elderly people in society and encourage more interactions between young and old.


They meet together twice a week, for prayer meetings, cultural functions, story telling,and singing. They also perform drama, do Bible study and participate in indoor games and exchange programmes.  They make house visits and  go to pray by the side of the sick and specially old aged people. They make different handicrafts and  sell them in local markets and earn money, and as a result feel independent. Once a month they hold a fellowship meal. Every week they come to a centre and have fellowship over a cup of tea, with light tiffin and seasonal fruits. They can have a health checkup from the nearest Hospital/ Clinic and by the community health workers.