Church of Bangladesh has new Moderator and Deputy Moderator

By the grace of almighty God, with the retirement of Rt. Rev. Paul S. Sarker as Moderator Rt. Rev. Samuel Sunil Mankhin- Deputy Moderator and Bishop of Kustia Diocese has taken over the role of Moderator with effect from November 19, 2018. Constitutionally, the moderator of Church of Bangladesh retires from the position of Moderator three months prior to the retirement date. Thus Bishop Sarker will continue to function as the Bishop of Dhaka until he retires on February 18, 2019.  And that Rt. Rev. Shourov Pholia, Bishop of Barisal Diocese has now become the Deputy Moderator of Church of Bangladesh and will continue to shoulder present responsibility as the Bishop of Barisal Diocese.

All the members of Church of Bangladesh had been praying for a smooth leadership transition and God finally has granted our prayers and helped us to do so.  All are invited to join the entire congregation of CoB and clergies in congratulating them in their new roles.  Both of them need the prayer support as they continue to work prayerfully with the guidance of the Holy Spirit settling many issues and handling a few other transitions until they become fully functional in their respective roles. This is a time of thanksgiving, a time of prayer and a call for a United Mission.

CoB thanks all for the support and fellowship extended to the departing Moderator, Rt. Rev. Paul S. Sarker during his tenure of service and requests for continued prayer support as he and his family prepares for the retirement. Also, prayer support is requested for CoB new Moderator and Deputy Moderator and their families. Church of Bangladesh is pledged bound to continue the relationship with all in the years to come to carry God’s Mission to the whole world.