Church of Bangladesh Partners’ Consultation Held

A significant event in the consultation was presenting the status report of Church of Bangladesh Social Development Programmes and giving an overview of the strategic plan which is under preparation. For the first time such review has been placed before consultation along with a long term strategic plan for development programme of Church of Bangladesh.

The consultation was opened with a welcome address by Synod secretary Mr. Joseph S. Mondal. And that was followed by a reception of the overseas partners and latera cultural programme was staged that reflected the culture and diverse  beauties of our nature. The whole consultation was theme based, except the presentation of status report of CBSDP and its future strategic plan presented in the second day.

The first day :  Discussion and Outcome

First Day
The first day session was chaired and inaugurated by deputy Moderator Samuel S Mankhin of Church of Bangladesh. In his address he focused on the evangelical needs in building a better life and safeguarding the creation of God. He thanked the partners for attending the consultation and hoped for a successful discussion and stronger partnership in future.

The thematic paper of the first consultation on `Hope for Fullness of Life’ was presented by the Moderator of Church of Bangladesh and Bishop of Dhaka Diocese Rt. Rev. Paul S. Sarker. The paper discussed the fullness of life from different perspectives and contexts including Christ, Children, Creation, the Church and concluded as – it is a gift of God and that can be achieved through owning  Christ, and it is a process that may undergo severe  suffering, but ends with abundance of love for sharing with others.

The second paper in first day consultation on `Challenges and opportunities to witnessing Christ : Bangladesh context ‘  was presented by Rev. Hemen Halder. The paper discussed the challenges and opportunities in witnessing the Christ in Bangladesh context.

The discussion on the theme papers brought out 5 priority areas for COB as well as its partners and later the participants sat in small groups to identify the activities to address the priority concerns:

The priority concerns were:

  1. God’s Mission in the context of Bangladesh
  2. Leadership in the Church
  3. Young people
  4. Ecumenism
  5. Self-reliance

The activities identified to address the priority concerns

Group discussionAfter submission of the group discussions the following activities identified in plenary session to address the priority concerns

  1. Raising awareness that we are all involved in God’s mission and not leave it to others
  2. Integration of mission and diaconal work of the Church
  3. Focusing on leadership building at all levels in all ministries, with major focus on youth, particularly women beyond the fellowship activities
  4. Need to develop bible-based comprehensive spiritual programme
  5. Need to ask the children and the young people what they want from the church, what they feel they need
  6. Building capacity of the clergy and staff of the church
  7. Creating a new mindset that people contribute to the church; not the church contributes to the people
  8. Need to change from ‘charity’ mindset to ‘development’ mentality
  9. Help the rising middle class to take the responsibilities in society
  10. Nurturing children and youth with the facility to have the access to electronic media and social network
  11. The Church of Bangladesh must focus on the spiritual development of the young people to counter balance the influence of materialism and consumerism
  12. Need self-reliance urgently depending upon the resources that COB has. This needs to be an ongoing process
  13. Reviewing of the mission, vision, and values of the church

Women fellowship Seminar held at Paitapukur

On the 24th–25th of August 2012 a women fellowship seminar of the Rajshahi deanery held at Paitapukur in the district of Rajshahi. The theme of the seminar was taken from the “Romans 12:2” and the Diocesan Bishop had spoken on the theme. Around 150 women from the different churches of the Rajshahi Deanery and including from the newly planted churches attended in the seminar. There had been some  important topics i.e. Church health and HIV/AIDS etc. including some topic from  the Bible for the women. A cultural function organized by the Deanery women fellowship committee and a Bible based short  open stage drama. The seminar was mainly organized by the Rajshahi Deanery women fellowship for 14 old and new churches of western zone of the Deanery.

Appreciation and Gratitude

Convey thanks and gratitude to Rev. Barnard Mankhin

rev.BarnardA meeting was arranged to convey thanks and gratitude to Rev. Barnard Mankhin for its outstanding pastoral and educational service for the period of 47 years. Moderator Rt. Rev. Paul. S Sarker chaired the sesson and Rt. Rev. Michael S Baroi handed over a crest of Honor to Rev. Mankhin while Rt. Rev. Paul S. Sarker honored him outfitting with a Shal. In a discussion Bishop Sarker and Bishop Baroi reflected on the activities and contribution of Rev. Mankhin to the church and the community. Rev. Mankhin in response remembered his cherished days of services among the people of the parish. The council members of Dhaka Diocese were present on that occasion to mark the day.

Catechists and their Spouses Seminar held in Kushtia

Catechists and their spouse’s seminar of Kushtia Diocese was  held in Rupantor Centre, Kushtia from 14 to 16  August 2012. All the catechists and their spouses attended the seminar. A good number of resource persons  took part in the seminar under guidance of the Diocesan Bishop Samuel. S. Mankhin and discussed issues  particularly on revival of faith and ways of serving the community together.

The Anglican Alliance in partnership with the Church of Bangladesh is advertising a position for an ‘Anglican Alliance Facilitator’

The Anglican Alliance is an initiative of the Anglican Communion which brings together the family of Anglican churches and church agencies worldwide. The Asia facilitator will join facilitators in Africa, the Pacific and Latin America and the Caribbean working to the Director in London and in close liaison with the Church of Bangladesh.

The facilitator in Asia will have a particular responsibility for supporting the development, relief and advocacy work of the Church where it is working in a multi-faith environment. The person will play a leading role in spearheading the Alliance’s global work on food security, peace and reconciliation and women’s empowerment

The facilitator will be located in Dhaka, Bangladesh, and will be employed by the Anglican Alliance: the Church of Bangladesh will be the managing agent. This is a fixed term contract, and the salary of 130,000 Taka a month inclusive of all taxes and allowances will be paid by the Anglican Alliance.

To apply for this position, please complete the attached application form. Please send it, with a covering letter saying why you wish to be considered for this post, and with a copy of your CV and email it to

The closing date for applications for this position is Saturday July 14thand interviews will be at the end of July.


Download Application Form & other important documents

Bible School and BrigadeTeacher Training

A training programme was arranged from 4 – 6 June 2012 at Savar Retreat and Conference Center for the Brigade Teachers. The theme of the training was: “bring them up in the training and instruction of the Lord” (Ephesians 6:4) and Moderator Rt. Rev. Paul S. Sarker discussed on the theme. Along with others Rev. Sourov Pholia, Mrs. Janet Sarker Ms. Pat Jamison attended the session and Rev. Asish Mondol discussed on the guidelines of the Bible School and the Brigade. 

Archbishop Barry Morgan’s visit to Church of Bangladesh

The foundation stone of future Barishal Diocese

Clinic Visit

The foundation stone of future Barisal Diocese Clinic Visit
Visited Primary School at Jobarpar, Barisal Rabindranath's Kuthibari
Visited Primary School at Jobarpar, Barisal Rabindranath’s Kuthibari
Fellowship Dinner Website Launch
Honored with a crest on behalf of Dhaka Diocese Website Launch Banner

The foundation stone of future Barisal Diocese also has been laid down by Archbishop Barry Morgan with Bishop Paul S. Sarker.

The Hon. Synod Secretary Mr. Joseph S. Mondal, Rt. Rev. Michael S. Baroi, Hon. Dhaka Diocese Secretary Mr. Paul S. Dhali, Fr. Francis Pandey, Rev. Manindra Boidya and many other leaders including a big congregation were present in this special occasion. The Northern side (field) of the Epiphany Church of Oxford Mission, Barisal has been selected for the head quarter of Barisal Diocese.

In Jobarpar deanery they visited Barisal Oxford Mission, Jobarpar Christa Savika Sangha, CBSDP Office, Boys Hostel, Primary School etc. and in Ballovepur deanery they visited Karpasdanga, Ratonpur, Ballovepur Hospital and Mujib Nagar and Meherpur etc.  A Reception has been arranged in Kushtia Bishop’s house by Kushtia Diocese and Bishop Samuel S. Mankhin and Hon. Khustia Diocese Secretary Mr. Emmanuel Mondal and leaders of Ballovepur and Rajshahi Deanery including clergy were present in the occasion. In Kushtia they enjoyed visiting great poet Rabindranath’s Kuthibari and Mazar (burial ground) of great mystic of Bengal Lalon Fakir.

Everywhere people welcome them with banquet of flowers and delighting faces and offered them cordial hospitality with small gift or souvenirs. On behalf of Dhanyabushbar Sabha Ballovepur deanery gave a crest to archbishop.

On Saturday 18th February a celebration dinner was held in Dhaka in honour of Archbishop Barry and Mrs Hillary Morgan accompanied by the Moderator Right Rev. Paul Sarker and Mrs Janet Sarker. Synod secretary, Dhaka Diocesan Secretary, Dean of St Thomas Cathedral, staff from Dhaka office, advisors and several church members also attended.  Rev. Martin Mondal, Priest of St Andrews Church, Mirpur was master of ceremonies and welcomed all the guests to be seated. After Bishop Sarker officially welcomed Archbishop Morgan and his wife Hillary and gave a short address, it was the turn of Archbishop Morgan to give an address. At this stage Archbishop explained to everyone how both Bishop Sarker and Bishop Mankin had visited Wales and this visit was a result of communication with both Bishops and The Church of Bangladesh. He shared about his previous week travelling in Bangladesh and also the link with the theological colleges and schools in Bangladesh and his diocese in Wales. Archbishop Morgan also stated he was sure this was just the beginning and looked forward to working and communicating with Bishop Sarker and others from The Church of Bangladesh.

Archbishop Morgan and his wife Hillary then had the honour of officially launching the Church of Bangladesh website produced by Jones Loton Roy. Gifts to both Archbishop and his wife were presented and Bishop Sarker also gave a crest on behalf of The Church of Bangladesh.

Following a very enjoyable meal and several photographs, it was the opportunity for both Archbishop and Mrs. Morgan to say farewell to everyone. Archbishop Barry in his message overwhelmingly said, “Hillary and I want to thank from the bottom of our hearts for the enormous warmth of welcome we have received from the Church of Bangladesh. Never I have been greeted so warmly anywhere. I have always thought Wales was a warm hearted country but you take the warmth to new degrees.

“We in the west have become a bit cynical and jaded about matters of faith. We need your vibrancy and enthusiasm. You have also reminded us about the purpose of the Church. You have projects reaching out into every sphere of the society. Your projects and your commitment in so many ways are an object lesson to us and tangibly prove your love of God through love of your neighbours.

There are things that money cannot buy; things like faith, enthusiasm, and courage, in the face of adversity, perseverance, patience and love. As I have gone around your country I have seen all these in abundance and my hope is that some of these qualities will rub off on us in Wales.”

This was Archbishops final official function and everyone wished both him and Hillary God’s Blessings for their safe journey to Wales and hopefully as everyone stated ‘abar ashben’ (come again in Bangla).

In last June 2011 Moderator Rt. Rev. Paul Shishir Sarker had a visit to Llandaff Diocese of Church of Wales in response to an invitation from Rt. Rev. Barry Morgan, bishop of Llandaff Diocese and Archbishop of Wales. During this special visit both bishops have signed a twinning agreement between the Llandaff Diocese and Church of Bangladesh. Bishop Sarker invited Bishop Barry Morgan and his wife to visit Church of Bangladesh in return.