Lent Appeal, 2013

There is hardly any scope of necessary health services at remote villages. Patients with critical diseases usually have to move to Dhaka for the treatments. For the poor patients it is very tough to bear the cost for better treatments. But with some assistance one life can be saved. They, being members of our Church, first come to Church for assistance. Presently, foreign assistance has largely decreased. From Church it is not now possible to provide support as it had been doing before. Therefore, from wealthy to general members, all are to come forward to take this responsibility to support the poor. Here the small penny of a widow is counted on with equal worth.

If we realize the essence of the lent, it would not be hard to sacrifice. Therefore, please come forward to take the scope of purifying us through sacrifice. It is not by gain; rather happiness is achieved by sacrifice. The inner heart is to be purified through physical sacrifice. We can make us proper Christian by manifesting love to God and the human beings.
May God bless us more to become generous enough.