Rose-Mary visited CMCY

Mrs. Rose-Mary Antonity the Chairperson of CMS-Switzerland visited CMCY from 31 July to 10 August 2013. She visited 6 Hostels /School of CMCY of Church of Bangladesh that provide full residential care, foods, safety, security, education, health and spiritual nurture to 287 foster children, which has been being supported by CMS Switzerland since last 35 years. Mrs Rose spent some time with foster children in hostels and discussed with them on different issues of their day to day life and activities, services, problems and their desires. Mr. Paul Nisith Das, Director of CMCY was accompanied her during the visit.

In a debriefing, She met Rt. Rev. Paul S Sarker, the Chairman  of CMCY, Mr. Bankim Drong, Hon. Treasurer and the CMCY staff members and shared her findings and recommendations towards better service and care for the development of the foster children.