Moderator Bishop Paul S. Sarker visited victims

Moderator Bishop Paul S. Sarker of Church of Bangladesh made a visit on 6 May, 2013 to meet the victims hospitalized in different hospitals following Savar tragedy. First he went to Enam’s Medical College Hospital in Savar, the hospital extended its sincere support to the injured just after the incident. It was found a few have undergone amputations and many were critically suffering from fractures.

With Vellory Large

Mary MediumLater he went to CRP, the first and well reputed rehabilitation centre for the disables and lames. He met Ms Vellory Taylor, the founder of the center that established in seventies after the liberation war, and discussed on the situation of the patients. After that he went to wards and visited the victims undergoing treatments. In the center about 60 severely injured were admitted.

Among them Mary (25) and Monika (25) two Santal Christian women workers from Dinajpur were found. Yet any relatives from their families arrived. They were engaged in working on level seven of the Rana Plaza. Monika has got fracture in one leg and Mary with minor injury was able to be rescued after 3 days. Their faces were with full of fear and anxiety. Their families were fully depended on their income, and now what will be to them they don’t know. The suffering of the patients due to broken limbs was really painful and maximum of them were women.

Most of the victims like Mary and Monika were extremely worried about their own future and their families. An uncertainty has totally engulfed them, which was beyond their imagination some days ago. The safety of the workers in garments factories is a prime need that should be realized by this incident, and the concerned should take necessary initiatives to ensure that.