On 10th – 13th August 2017, The Church of Bangladesh Women’s Fellowship Council of Synod has been held at Savar Prayer & Conference Centre. The main theme of the conference was, “Blessed are the pure in heart for they shell see God”. – Matthew 5:8. Bishop Paul S. Sarker the honorable Moderator & the Bishop of Dhaka speaks on the main theme. In this council the six denary of three dioceses and from the Chittagong City Pastorates 73 women representatives ware presents.

In special speech on main theme, Bishop Sarker said, “Purity & holiness; has coted from the Christ’s sermon on the mountain. Matthew compiled those from the several speech of Jesus on the mountain. We do understand from the word ‘Pure in heart’ is our thoughts & the source of our work is from our heart. If our heart didn’t want to do so nothing is pure. Jesus wants to say, our inner and outside should be the same. Our objectives should be decided by our heart. Blessings & happiness will come whenever our inner and outside will be the same”.

Honorable Bishop also said, “Pure in heart have three ways.

First, God can see everything. Matthew 6: 1-18. We may hide many of our activities; but remember God can see our every single activity.

Secondly, God rearranged our thoughts – therefore, everything wouldn’t happen as we wish but as God’s wish. If we want pure heart then we had to bring us to God’s attachment. Therefore God could rearrange our will.

Thirdly; to realize preference in our own life. In our life first preference should be God- the preference would be before our children’s, families, spouses, jobs, business, treasures, powers, respect etc.”

Bishop also said, “Purity is very rare in current world, but people always search pure – from the drinking water to breathings air. We have to come to God with all our hopes, needs and anxiety.  “Therefore I tell you, do not worry about your life, what you will eat or drink; or about your body, what you will wear. Is not life more than food and the body more than clothes?”   – Matthew 6:25.

In the verses of Matthew 6: 25-28 Jesus told about five “F”. 1. Finance, 2. Food, 3. Fitness, 4. Fashion & 5. Future. If we have any fear or tension on any of these, then we could be understand that God is not belongs us as our first preference. To depend on God doesn’t means to be inactive but we have to go with God in our life”.

Other speakers ware, Synod secretary, Dr. James Tejosh Das, Advisors Synod Women’s Fellowship Mrs. Janet Sarker & Mrs. Monita Mankhin, Convener Mrs. Suchitra Behera and Dhaka diocese secretary Mrs. Kolika Biswas.

A cultural evening was arranged. Here ware played a small drama from every denary. The dramas ware on the base of religion thoughts.

Noted that, Bishop Paul S. Sarker, honorable Moderator and the Bishop of Dhaka Diocese has inaugurated this three days council on 10th August evening. Synod Women’s Fellowship committee & Savar local church women’s fellowship has led the opening ceremony & reception respectively.

The first day service of the council has led by the honorable Bishop of Barisal diocese, Bishop Shourabh Pholia.