According to official report, four more bodies have been found and with that the number of death rose to 388 (unofficially it is more than 400) on the seventh day of the rescue operation. No person was rescued alive in the last two days as the figure of survivors remained unchanged at 2,437.
The incident has raised many questions and opened the whole process of exploitation and the inhuman nature of business involving byers, manufactures, and many other concerned agencies engaged in export/import readymade garments business. Readymade garment manufacture is a major source of Bangladesh economy, but those who are the major contributors to that, the workers, are largely neglected and deprived. There are laws, but that have no such enforcement. Corruption can easily override the justice.

It is a big loss of life. But now the challenge is how the survivors will be back in normal life and livelihoods. Not the money alone, but the sincere efforts and the concern society are the priority requirements for their proper rehabilitation.

Today is May Day, Our prayer is, let the world get concern of the human brutality and bring justice for the humankinds, particularly who are deprived.