Update Savar building collapse

The death toll reached around 400 on April 30, 2013. The heavy machineries have gathered to clear the collapsed building and that has left little scope of rescuing life further.

Till to date 2437 people have been rescued. Out of that more than 1000 are critically injured. A large number of them have undergone severe amputation. One major problem is maximum women injured have gone into traumatized, and the doctors are failing to attend them properly as they don’t have that skill and whom we have are very few in numbers.

The situation will be aggravated later on when they will be back in normal life without livelihoods. Particularly the lives of the women will fall in an extreme bitter reality.

Government has taken a few steps to recover and to rehabilitate the people, but we are afraid whether it will reach the poor with genuine needs.

Church of Bangladesh is trying to work out a plan to do something needful particularly for the poor women.

We pray for the departed souls and seek blessing for the victims.