With all limitations the efforts to rescue the victims are amazing

The death rose to 315, while recovered 315. Around three days after the country’s worst building collapse, the hope of finding more survivors was not all gone, though a sickening stench of decaying corpses filled the air in Savar. Some 100 people were dragged out of the wreckage yesterday. The rescuers were relentless in their efforts. Volunteers, particularly the young people, have shown their extra ordinary bravery and humanity once again to fight against the crisis.

Abu Bakar Hazra, a 23-year-old BBA student of Pirojpur Government College, Abu Bakar Hazra joined the rescue effort on Thursday morning. “I could not hold myself back when I saw the footage on TV. So I decided to come to Dhaka to join the rescue operation as I have experience of working with a rescue team in Bagerhat during the Cyclone Sidr [in 2007],” he said. He entered the crumbled building through a small hole where no one, even the trained fire fighters, dared to go.