Post-Easter Worship

He told, Jesus met His disciples, blew upon them and infuse the Holy Spirit, and by that he empowered them with the ability to forgive sin as he was entrusted by His father. He mentioned, it was a victory and a command as well to preach love to humankinds.

He further elaborated that in maximum religions the issue of resuscitation has been mentioned, but in different forms. In Christianity, resurrection is the basis of our faith in God. Muslim believes that they are sent by Allah and will be back to Him. The Hindu believes in rebirth or reincarnation, and Buddhist believe in Nirvana – enter into death and passing into another kind of existence of peace, and it is possible through conquering of lusts.

To realize the resurrection, he mentioned, these are to:

  • Resurrect not in body, but spiritually;
  • Achieve immortality through love, as Jesus acquired that being loved by God;
  • Transform oneself into love of God conquering all the earthy weakness;
  • Transform spiritually to build acquaintance with God; and
  • Give hope to new life.

He concluded with inviting all to receive the kindness of God and the opportunity to transform us with the spirit of love and to take the role of an agent of Christ to transform other.

The worship contained spiritual songs, prayers and reciting from the Bible, and ended with refreshment. All Christian and non-Christian staff of the central office of COB attended the event.