Retreat to consolidate the faith and trust in God

  • Ensure participation of women leaders from all deaneries;
  • Share knowledge and ideas among women; and
  • Pray for the violence against women and girls, recovering from unrest situation of the country, and for the peace & justice in the world.

Retreat to consolidate the faith and trust in GodA total of 45 members of women fellowship joined the retreat from Bollovpur, Dhaka, Jobarpar, Haluaghat and Khulna Deanery.

Revd Sudatta Baidya spoke on the main theme. She said, presently the womenfolk is encountering many unprecedented social problems. Our God is the faithful shelter for all of us and we can acquire peace if we live in Him. She mentioned, God is our complete strength and she articulated that in the following form:

  • God is my spiritual strength
  • God is my mental strength
  • God is my physical strength
  • God is my strength in distressful situation
  • God is my strength when I am pathetic
  • God is my strength when I am vulnerable

Brother Guillaume another resource person spoke on: “(Spiritual Journey/trail) Take my yoke upon you … and humble in heart.” Mathew 11: 29.

He conducted a special prayer session and led a spiritual journey on the following prayer.” O Lord takes away my laziness; frustration, restlessness and dominion from my life but grant me attentiveness, humbleness, patience and love in my life. Please have mercy on your servant. O Lord King grants me the virtue to my mistakes and I do not judge my fellow brothers because you are blessed forever. Amen.”

Special prayers dedicated for the oppressed women & girls, peace & justice, illness, global & local churches, unrest world and countries by Sister Jhorna, Sister Agness and Mrs Kolika Biswas.

The participants were stirred by the retreat and could consolidate their faith and confidence to lead a purposeful Christian life in all spheres of the society.