Conveying Thanks and Gratitude on the 10th Anniversary of the Consecration of Rt Revd Paul S Sarker

10thAnnivConsecPSSarkerOn 5th January 2013 was the 10th anniversary of the installation of Rt Revd Paul S Sarker. Through a special service at St Thomas’s Cathedral this day was observed with thanks and gratitude. A special service took place and the Holy Communion was offered by Rt Revd Paul S Sarker while he was assisted by the dean of Dhaka deanery Revd Hemen Halder and other priests. In the address of the day , the principal of St Andrew’s Theological College, Revd Shourabh Pholia once again make him remembered the essence of the consecration. He mentioned, consecration means segregation or transformation to become a fellow of God. He added, the aim of the observance of the day is to recall the meaning of the consecration once again and refresh that in life.

At the end of the service, the attendees greeted Bishop and his wife with wreaths of flowers and conveyed their thanks and gratitude. Bishop, in reply, reviewed his services since his installation and thanked the church members for their cooperation. The ceremony ended with a fellowship dinner.
The ceremony was arranged by Dhaka deanery and attended by deanery’s priests, leaders and the staff members of Synod office.

It is to mention that in 2003, 5th January Rt Revd Paul S Sarker was consecrated at the Epiphany Church, Oxford Mission, Barisal as Bishop of the Church of Bangladesh.