World Peace and Human Civilization

The year 2015 started with a national roundtable discussion on “World Peace and Human Civilization” initiated by Inter Religion Harmony Society (IRHS) of Bangladesh. It was held at Dhaka Press Club.

Distinguish leaders and representatives from different religions and sectors on 3 January 2015 attended the roundtable discussion and focused on the need to be united irrespective of different faith for restoring peace over the world in order to safeguarding the human civilization. Bishop Paul S Sarker of Church of Bangladesh attended the event as one of the special guests. He discussed the Christian outlook towards the inter-religion relationship and highlighted the necessity of the   interrelation among different faiths to work together for national, regional and global peace and prosperity.

The people attended the roundtable came to a conclusion that the origin and goal of the different faiths is similar – to do good for the humankinds, but we the few people for our vested interest use it wrongly. They reiterated the need of active roles to prohibit that being on a common platform beyond the country with specific joint agenda.

Mr. Michael A. Roy, Asia Facilitator, Anglican Alliance also attended the roundtable discussion with Bishop Paul S. Sarker.