CWM Team Visit Leaders Training Program

Council for World Mission Team Visit Leaders Training held in Manchester, UK from 21st August to 28th August 2014. From last year CWM has started a new program to encourage its 31 Church Partners to be a missional, transformative and life affirming community. In this process they will send a Team to a partner church where the Team will visit and learn from them and will go back to their own Churches to share and continue the mission work along with the experiences. Rev. Shourabh Pholia participated in the training from Church of Bangladesh.

Its aim and objectives:

  1.  Benchmark where members are with the development of missional congregations;
  2. Share with each other experiences and different approaches to the development of such transformative, life affirming communities; and
  3. Reflect and cross fertilize the outcome of the visits for the benefit of the whole CWM family.

There were nine leaders from different churches who were invited to have the training named:

Rev. Shourabh Pholia, Rev. Uvenama Rova, Mr. Tanoaleia, Mr. John Adams, Rev. Pua Boon Kit, Ms. Linely Rex Vinyo, Ms. Jennifer Shamu, Mr. Everhardus Olvereem and Rev. Kyung Mi Shim.

The training was lead by Rev. Philip Woods, Programme Secretary for Mission Enabling, Rev. Wayne Hawkins, European Regional Secretary and Anna Farina Pacete-Marundan, Program Associate for Mission Enabling, Council for World Mission.

All the trained Leaders will lead a team of six members to CWM partner church with a team of six members to have experiences and also to learn from them and share them with CWM and their own churches.

Rev. Shourabh Pholia will lead a Team of six members from different countries to Newzeland in November 2014.