Church of Bangladesh Social development programme ’s annual general meeting held

On 2nd May 2014 Church of Bangladesh Social Development’s Annual General Meeting held at Retreat cum Conference Center at Savar, Dhaka. Chairman of CBSDP Most Rev. Paul S. Sarker chaired the AGM. He welcomed every one.

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Rev. Shourabh Pholia, Mission Programme Secretary, Church of Bangladesh and a member of the meeting led devotion. In his devotion he said the church and its programme should be like ‘we are for people and God, we are by the people and of the people.’ But our present situation is, ‘we are far from God and people, we are off the people, we say bye to people or we buy people’. He mentioned we should be good people.  Being good Christian only then we can do good for others. By doing good things we cannot be good people. To serve people we need to be humble like Christ. We need to be humble like child. We should look at people with the eyes of God so that people can see God through us and our service.

The Chairman Most Rev. Paul S. Sarker said, ’with new and neutral sights we need to go ahead for open discussion’. Few days ago we celebrated Easter which helps us to understand that we have hope. We should come out from our old nature and limitations and weaknesses. It is possible when we transform ourselves. It happens through love of God and our loving work for others.

Mr. Michael A. Roy presented his report. He emphasis on that the CBSDP is a wing of COB. He mentioned the CBSDP is working for the development of poor and vulnerable people. The CBSDP is working for their rights and justice.

In the AGM Vice-chairman Deputy Moderator of COB Rt. Rev. Samuel S. Mankhin was also present along with other 30 members of the CBSDP’s councilors.