Us- visitors visited Rana Plaza victims

US.visitor Medium

The team visited Bollovpur Christian Mission Hospital and its Community Outreach Programmes, Kushtia Diocesan Office, Kushtia Junior High School, Jobarpar Integrated Community Health Project in Dhamsor area and Barisal Oxford Mission.

The team talked to community staff, got to know their real needs, existing challenges and the way to overcome them and learn about directions towards achieving self sustained development.

At the end the team met with Rt. Rev. P. S. Sarker, Moderator of the Church of Bangladesh, Mr. Michael A. Roy, Director of CBSDP, Rev. Shourabh Pholia, Mission Programme Secretary, Sister Pat Jamison, Community Health Advisor of CBSDP and others in Dhaka Synod Office.
There they gave their valuable feedback listed below:

•    Review Jobarpar project budget and proposal

•    Baseline survey review and carry out questionnaire in Jobarpar

•    How can CBSDP expand the street children project in Old Dhaka?

•    How can Community Health CBSDP work collaboratively with Community Health in Bolluvpur hospital?

•    Need to differentiate between Christian Aid, Tearfund and Us funded community development programmes

  • Need to increase nurse hostel facilities in Bollovpur Mission Hospital

The staff also commented on and asked the question ‘Are we reaching the most marginalized?’

There was also a good discussion about UMOJA and Fran reminded this  meeting  is a process not a project or a programme.