Church of Bangladesh Undertaken UMOJA

Bishop Paul S. Sarker and Bishop Samuel S. Mankhin have given their consent to start UMOJA initially in two deaneries, Rajshahi and Haluaghat.

An advisory committee has been formed for the UMOJA programme and Revd. Shourabh Pholia is coordinating the programme, Mr. Tarun Mondal is working as a trainer and local priests and catechists are working as facilitators in respective areas.

The UMOJA of COB will be linked with UMOJA hubs in London and through that further knowledge and learning will be shared.  The COB UMOJA programme is being supported by Tearfund, UK and Us, UK.

UMOJA will create a base for initiating other activities for the betterment of the church and its community.  The programme aims at triggering self-transformation and thereby generating transformation in the church and society where all will work together for the same goal to bring peace, justice, equality and love in the society.

umoja 2