Trade Schools and Craft Centres

The general aim of the programme is to provide the poor, underprivileged and less educated young people with technical/handicraft/craft/sewing training, so that they may become resourceful through a process of transformation. These centres are in Jessore, Savar, Rajshahi and Dhaka.

Christ Church Trade School (CCTS), Jessore.
Aims and Objectives: The general aim of the institution is to provide the poor underprivileged and less educated young people with technical training that they may become resourceful through a process of transformation from non skill hand

The CCTS has been in operation since 1982. Situated in Jessore District in the Southwest of Bangladesh, on the border with India. The school has a reputation for training poor and underprivileged young people in  carpentry, automobile, machine, electric and welding trades, to a good standard to  enable them to find suitable employment, when the training is completed. The school now has some female students also.

Trainees from different parts of the country attend the institution through the network of the Church of Bangladesh. Almost all of them come from very poor economic and underprivileged social condition with a little educational background. The CCTS’s aim is to provide the underprivileged youths with the scope of skill development training with a nominal expenses to be born by the parents/guardian. Thus COB SDP is contributing a lot the Nation through transforming the unskilled hand (man power) to skilled hand and playing an important role in Human Resource Development. The trainees are accommodated in the CCTS. Hostel with in school compound. Trainees take part in many other activities during off time of technical course in order to develop their socio-cultural and spiritual 

The Nazareth Trade Centre, Savar.
The Nazareth Centre was set up in 1985. The prime objective of the institution is to provide scope for skill development training to the underprivileged youths of society, together with a non-formal education on socio-cultural life, so that they may be able to contribute to the upkeep of their  families, as well as to society for its socio-economic development. With this aim in mind, the institution has maintained its efforts to keep pace with the increased demand for skilled manpower in the improving socio-economic condition of our society.  Efforts are still being continued to improve the quality of training and service of this Centre.

The Nazareth Centre provides training in the following trades: a) Carpentry,
b) Tailoring, c) Machinist/Auto-Mobile (welding is added as extra subject), c) Electrical.

Each course is for a 2 year period.

Photo : Rangdhanu Sewing Training Centre, Dhaka.

Rangdhanu Sewing Training Centre in Dhaka
Unemployment is a great problem for the destitute and vulnerable women and girls. To develop their knowledge, attitude and skills the church runs a sewing training centre in Dhaka. This is for women and girls who are from poor families of the slums, who never go to school or have dropped out from school.

Here they learn to cut and sew material by hand and machine in order to make dresses. They also learn embroidery with different designs. Every day there is a morning and afternon class, and the course lasts 6 months. On average there are 15 trainees per course. After completion of the training most of them work at home while some are employed in the garments factories and some get married.

Every year the intake is divided into two groups, who then work alternate weeks for practical expeiences on production jobs. The different departments are involved in an impressive range of production activities, such as gear cutting, general machine work, furniture making, wooden toys and educative puzzles making, iron grills, steel gates and doors,  general welding and fabrication, electric house wiring, repairs to electric equipment, repairs of pumps, motor cycles and cars. The commitment to income generation and production is underlined by having a full time staff member and through engaging the senior trainees in the jobs related to generating income for the institute.

Nabokoli Craft Centre, Rajshahi.
Nabokoli Craft Centre is for the poor and underprivileged girls of the society. This centre was started in 1995. They train the girls in sewing, knitting, block-batik & book-binding.