Brotherhood of Epiphany, Barisal.

The 100th year of the Oxford Mission was celebrated in 1995. All the English Brothers have died. Brother Francis Panday, a  national brother, is now holding the fort and praying and looking for the possibility to organise a national brotherhood.

Christo Sevika Sangha, Jobarpar, Barisal.

We have a National Sisterhood, called the Christo Sevika Sangha (The Handmaids of Christ), which was started on the 25th of January 1970. They now have 12 sisters.

St. Mary’s Sisterhood, Haluaghat.

In 1930, Sister Eda came to Haluaghat from Barisal with two sisters, one of them was a trained teacher and began the Sisterhood. There are now 4 sisters and 2 novices in the Sisterhood. Sister Mira as the Superior.