Rajshahi deanery has about 3000 members and most of them are from Santal ethnic group. Origin of them lies in India. They were brought here by the British colonial government to build the railways during 1920s. The missionaries from the English Presbyterian Church came to them in 1949 and established the first church congregation in 1951 in Belghoria.


deaneries-rajsahi-2Later Rev. P. K. Baroi, a Bengali and Rev. Salku Murmo, a Santali priest began to plant churches after 1965. Today Rajshahi Deanery has 17 parishes and out of them 14 parishes (2,500 members) belong to Santal people. The Santal congregations are today the most vibrant part of the Church of Bangladesh, as they have a deep spirituality and are still growing in number.

Every year we have a spiritual revival meeting for 3 – 4 days which is known as ‘Helmel Sova’. ‘Helmel’ is a Santali word, which means ‘Fellowship’. This Sova is held in February or March. During the Sova, people from the whole Rajshahi Deanery come together to hear from the word of God and sing a lot to rejoice in the Lord. There will be a theme for the Sova every year.

Apart from this yearly Sova, they arrange prayer meetings and revival meetings in their parishes also. These give them new life and strength to live and witness for Christ.