The south-eastern part of the then West Bengal, especially the vast areas of Barisal and Faridpur districts, were mainly low-laying and marshy lands. Almost all the inhabitants were from the lower caste Hindu communities. In 1875 Rev. Berairo, a Baptist pastor decided to join his congregation with the Anglican Church. It was from then that the first Anglican Church was established in this area.

About 100 years ago the English Brothers of the Epiphany Brotherhood of Oxford Mission started the evangelical work among the people of these areas. In those days traveling was not easy. They used bicycles and boats to go from one place to another. As far as we know, the first Anglican Church was established in the village called Dhamsor, about 20 kilometers from Barisal town. After this, many small parishes were established in different areas and Jobarpar was considered the focal point of the Oxford Mission Brotherhood. Eventually Jobarpar Deanery was formed consisting of the parishes situated in the greater areas of Barisal, Faridpur, Jessore and Khulna districts.

The congregations lead a purposeful spiritual life by participating in different spiritual activities, such as family prayer meetings, church congregational meetings, inter denominational prayer meetings, annual revival meeting (Borosava), and attend regular church services, festivals and other programmes undertaken by the church.

deaneries-jobarpar-boroshovaAnnual Revival Meeting (বড় সভা) is again a great yearly event for this Deanery. This Baro Shava was started first in 1917 at Dhandoba Parish. This is the occasion when people from other churches are also invited to take part in. Many non-christians do also attend this meeting and want us to pray for them. Through prayers we have seen many miracles happen.

The deanery has 30 parishes with about 4500 members.