Haluaghat Deanery

This deanery is dominated by Garo people – an ethnic group with their origin in Tibet and China. The arrival of the Garos in Bangladesh is dated approximately in the middle ages, in the pre-Mughal period. In those days, according to the historians, Garos used to fight between their clans in the Garo Hills and Assam, and during that time, the peaceful minded Garos came down to the plains of Bangladesh, in search of peace.

Like other Deaneries, Haluaght Deanery organizes a Baro Savha (Annual Revival Meeting) every year. It was started in 1910. The Brothers of St. Andrew’s Mission were the source of inspiration and they took the initiative to start this kind of gathering for a spiritual revival. This becomes a social and community event of the year.

One significant aspect of the ‘Boro Shova’ of Haluaghat Deanery is that the participants who attend this spiritual meeting along with their family members or groups bring all their food such as, rice, lentils, vegetables and fuel for cooking. They build temporary shelters to spend the night and sleep on straw. The Church of Bangladesh Haluaghat Deanery has about three thousand members and almost all are from the Garo tribe.