Membership wise, Bollovepur Deanery is the largest Deanery in Church of Bangladesh. It is situated in the South- West part of Bangladesh, near the border with West Bengal, India. Most members live close to the border.

In the middle of 19th century, the Church Mission Society started working in these areas. The CMS Missionaries started a Hospital at Bollovepur. They also started schools.

The people of the area live on agriculture and small scale business. Many are day-laborers. The land in the area is relatively high but fertile. In the last 50 years they had a severe flood only once in 2000. The people of the Deanery are very simple and God fearing. Churches have different programmes for the children, young people, women, adult men and for the elderly people. Bible studies, Christian teaching in the Sunday Schools, meetings and conferences are regularly organised for the spiritual well-being of the people.

Dhannya Budhbar Savha

deaneries-bollovepur-budhbarThis deanery is very well-known for its spiritual revival meeting namely Dhannya Budhbar Savha held once a year in February. Some 112 years ago, in a place called Maliapota, in the district of Nadia, West Bangal, India, some very simple and dedicated village people received the Holy Spirit, like the disciples received it on the day of Pentecost. To commemorate the great event, thousands of people (believers and non-believers) will gather together for 2 days from around and even from India, will have simple meals, sing spiritual songs (Kirton/কীর্তন), listen to the word of God and through prayers they will renew themselves. It has always been a joyous occasion for the people of the deanery. The secret of the success of this great event is the ‘Ujjiboni Sava’ (উজ্জিবনী সভা) (prayer meetings). A group of people in each parish will gather together on every Wednesday and will pray for this event every week until it is held in the following year. There are also groups like ‘Namjapo Dal’ (নামজপ দল), who sing repeating the name of Jesus and give glory to God for all His mercies. ‘Matirprodip dal’ (মাটির প্রদীপ দল / light in the earthen pot) is another inter-denominational group, who go to different houses and pray with the families.

The deanery has 13 parishes with about 5000 members.