Enthronement of Rt. Rev. Shourabh Pholia

On 18 June 2017 at Epiphany Church of Oxford Mission, Barisal the enthronement of Rt. Rev Shourabh Pholia took place. The program started with a very meaningful worship service led by Rt. Rev Paul S Sarkar and the word of God was shared by Rt. Rev Samuel Sunil Mankhin.  After the service, there was a […]

9th Synod Session of Church of Bangladesh Concluded

During past few days, 16-18th March 2017, the 9th Synod session of the Church of Bangladesh has been concluded with a total 72 delegates attended, representing Church and all institutions those two Church of Bangladesh runs under existing two dioceses. Theme this session was – “Now you are Christ’s body, and individually members of it”- 1st Corinthians 12:27. Moderator Bishop […]

Visiting by the both Bishops

On 19th Feb. 2017, after a warm reception Moderator Bishop Paul S. Sarker & Deputy Moderator Bishop Samuel S. Mankhin visited some families of Karpasdanga Parish. First, they visited newly ordained Deacon Peter Mondol’s family and spend some times there; afterwards they also visited Rev. Santi Mondal’s family. They prayed for them and Rev. Mondol’s […]

Bishop Elected for Barisal Diocese

   By God’s grace Church of Bangladesh (CoB) has elected Revd Shourabh Pholia the Bishop for it’s third diocese – Barisal. On 24th February Bishop’s Electoral Board comprising laities and all clergy of Church of Bangladesh gathered in a retreat at CoB Conference Centre at Savar, Dhaka and later both the houses voted to elect […]

New Residential Building of Jobarpar Sisterhood Blessed

The Moderator of Church of Bangladesh blessed the newly constructed building of Christo Sebika Sangha at Jobarpar Sisterhood, unveiling the cover of the stone plaque. After that the Bishop Paul S Sarker and Moderator of Church of Bangladesh, the Roman Catholic Church Barisal Diocesan Bishop Subrata and the Father of Oxford Mission Barisal cut the […]

Confirmation of 100 youth at St. Mary’s Church in Haluaghat

    Bishop Paul S. Sarker led the sacrament of confirmation for 100 candidates at St. Mary’s Church in Haluaghat on 11 March 2016. The youth came from nearby parishes, and the priests of the deanery were present to assist with the confirmation service and Holy Communion. Bishop Sarker explained that confirmation is a renewal […]